Means of transport

There are different possibilities for travelling to Barreirinhas. Starting point however is always São Luis, the capital of the province Maranhão.

Regular bus with air conditioning:

Departure at the bus station (Rodoviária) in São Luis.

Company: Cisne Branco

Departure times: 06h:00, 06h:30, 08h:45, 14h:00 and 18h:30

Price: R$ 51,00

DTravel time: Approx. 4½ to 5 hours with intermediate stop.


Telephone: São Luís 098 / 3258 9239

Car with air condition:

Price for the whole car: R$ 350,00.

After 18h:00: Price upon request.

Minibus with air conditioning:

Company: Br Tour - Picks up the guests at the airport/hotel/pension (Pousada).

Telephone: 098 / 3236 6056

Departure times: 05h:30 e 07h:30

Price: R$ 70,00

Travel time: Approx. 3½ to 4 hours with intermediate stop.

Aero Táxi

Small aircraft (mono engine) for up to 6 persons.



Departure times:


Chartered plane:

Note.: It is possibble that flights get pooled for better efficiency.
Attention: Luggage is limited to 10 kg per person.